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What is Pay Per Click?

PPC is known as Pay Per Click or search engine marketing (SEM). In PPC advertising, you get to pay only when the user clicks on your ad. Our team of certified PPC professionals work on planning and implementation of campaign to target your buyer persona. In PPC advertising we have the freedom to select as many keywords as we want to show our advertisements. In most scenarios PPC results can be visible in few days of time.

They appear as per audience search for the keywords on the search engine, the leader in this industry is GOOGLE search engine whereas the BING search engine holds almost 17% of the industry. The Header of any search engine is occupied by the top 3 paid ads in their search engine marketing services. To get on the top position you need to strategies your search engine marketing. PAID ADS marketing is one of the essential strategies to run a successful digital marketing campaign. For which choosing an experienced search engine marketing agency plays a key role in your paid ad performance.

You get dedicated paid ad account manager along with his support team who keeps a close watch on performance, keywords, bidding strategy, landing page optimization and always in hunt for new updates and opportunity.

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Why Pay Per Click?

  • Top Positions: Improves Brand Visibility
  • Targeted Audience: Reach Specific Audience as per business.
  • Fast Results: Get your ads live in less than 1 Hour.
  • Pay for Results: We pay for visitors generated to our Site.
  • High Visibility: Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%
  • More Qualified Buyers: 20% - 25% People Click on Paid Ads.
  • Mobile Advertising: 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google Search
  • Double ROI: Average $2 in income for every $1 they spend in AdWords.

Our PPC Services Process

At Pixsense Solutions, everything we do comes from the perspective of a business owner. We treat your business goal as our goal. Our clients are considered as a family at Pixsense Solutions .To drive the best results attainable for you, we ensure that we do everything possible to ensure that your campaign goes above and beyond.


Make you get business at possible low PPC costs.


No need to outsource the creative work, as we are a fully in-house digital advertising agency.


All our PPC managers are Google certified with experience in the industry.


Keeping your landing page optimized for best PPC results.


Our client servicing team is always available for your help with industries the best turnaround time.


We value the time and money of the client for long term relationships. Client satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of our work.

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Our executive will provide a free consultation to suit your business needs.


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