What is bulk Voice call service?

The advertising and promotion world is moving forward very fast. Therefore it becomes imperative to feed your brand image directly in the brain of your potential crowd. Bulk Voice Call Service dials the numbers and plays the recorded message. The receiver listens to the voice message and doesn’t have to respond to it. In short, it is a service wherein mass voice calls are sent to your audience. They are one of the different approaches to publicize and advance your organization forward. It is viewed as a powerful promotion apparatus in recent times.

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Why does your business need a Bulk Voice Call Service provider?

A Bulk Voice Call Service provider runs your Voice Call Campaign. Let us check how they help your business whizz forward:

  • 1. They assist to discover a number of leads.
  • 2. With its basic procedure, one can customize one's own voice message which can be sent over numerous client databases and kept track of.
  • 3. We live in a time where everything is done at the speed of light. Bulk Voice Call Service provider permits you to send a pre-recorded message to a huge gathering of individuals and win benefits of quick response.
  • 4. Bulk voice call service is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective strategies to advance products and services.
  • 5. A Bulk Voice Call Service provider can help you to convey any significant declarations, cautions or update warnings as well as social messages apart from your advertising efforts.
  • 6. The greatest preferred benefit of mass voice calls is that it takes the message to an enormous number of individuals in a moderately shorter timeframe.
  • 7. You can customize these calls in the language of your choice. This helps you to contact people in a language they are comfortable in.

Pixsense is renowned for low-cost bulk voice calls

Pixsense is a provider of low-cost bulk voice calls. We guarantee you the quickest and best service. We can provide such a service because of our unmistakable sound transferring and recording administration tools and services. We offer the following services to our customers:

01Content to Speech

Our Text to Speech system can convert the content you compose over a call. The voice is similar to that of a human. On the other hand, you can transfer your own sound document if you want. You can reach a huge crowd with a special voice broadcasting and programming system.

02Import contacts on the go

You can import your contacts without much of a stretch with us. We help to transfer a CSV document. You can include fields like name, organization, telephone, email, etc

03Call follow up and recording facility

Our mass voice call programming permits you to plan your call. You can follow all the calls directly from the dashboard. We record all the calls so that you can utilize it later for observation and strategy preparation purposes.

04Report and examination

You can settle on better choices and track and execute your choices. This is possible by investigating your call reports daily. All of these reports are constant and nitty-gritty.

05OTP on Call

Voice-based OTP is a two-factor confirmation apparatus that permits organizations to encourage missed call based OTP for their potential clients. This is a fast and dependable arrangement that guarantees better data on versatile platforms

06Mass voice call IVR

IVR in Bulk voice calls empower you to send Voice Ads or pre-recorded voice messages in known dialects to versatile mobiles and landline numbers.

06 Future planning

We provide low-cost bulk voice calls. However, our board permits you to plan your voice calls on future dates characterizing the particular time and date. The framework will naturally communicate your approaches to your booked time. Moreover, these plannings are anything but difficult to utilize and oversee

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